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HIV/AIDS Ministry

Contact Person:  Dr. Baldwin

“Wise people store up knowledge…” - Proverbs 10:14

The HIV/AIDS Ministry was established in 2003. The purpose of this ministry is to educate the community about HIV/AIDS, provide HIV/AIDS prevention and provide resources available for those who are HIV-positive.

The ministry provides education about HIV/AIDS at Antioch once a month. This education is provided by skilled and professional persons in the HIV/AIDS field. Testing is also made available 3 to 4 times a year to all who desire to be tested.

The residents of Deanwood are the target population to whom Antioch Baptist Church delivers services. We have two kiosks available for clients to use to locate resources for HIV/AIDS-related services such as community health centers, substance abuse programs, and HIV counseling and testing sites.

The expected outcome for the community is to raise awareness about the HIV/AIDS epidemic as well as inform the community of the existing services and organizations working to prevent HIV/AIDS and care for HIV-positive persons in the Deanwood community. We must address the associated risks of dual-diagnosis of HIV and Hepatitis C, which is a growing concern among Ward 7 residents. In addition, we must mobilize our community to make needed behavior changes that will prevent the spread of new infections.

This Ministry will continue to obtain the knowledge needed to help end the spread of this disease. With the continued aid of the Holy Spirit we know there is nothing too hard for God.

"It is estimated that by the end of 20th century there were 40 million people infected with HIV all over the world and India has been leading with highest number of cases (ranging from 10-20 million). We may not be infected but will definitely be affected indirectly by it. Hence it is a duty of every citizen of India to have detailed knowledge about this disease". Due to lack of knowledge about AIDS people have fear in their mind against the victims of this disease. Because of fear of social boycott, AIDS patients and their relatives hide their HIV status. Many doctors (due to fear of getting infection) also refuse to treat these patients. There is danger of AIDS for everybody and only thing that can save us is to be completely informed.

Prevent AIDS

"AIDS, Difficult to get, Impossible to cure but, Easy to prevent"

AIDS is:
Acquired- must do something to contract
Immune- ability to fight off infectious agents
Deficiency- lack of
Syndrome- cluster of symptoms that are Characteristic for a disease

HIV is:
Human - isolated to the human species
Immuno-Deficiency - Lacking the ability to fight off infectious agents
Virus -   a disease causing agent

Remember AIDS does not discriminate caste, creed, race, religion, educational or social status. Prevention of AIDS is our joint responsibility. Education and awareness is the only weapon in our hand. Let us accept the challenge to fight against AIDS. We must support and care for the people with HIV / AIDS with compassion and understanding.

Red Ribbon The Red Ribbon offers a symbol of hope and support for those living with HIV, for the continuing education of those not infected, for maximum efforts to find effective treatments, cures or vaccines and for those who have lost friends, family members or loved ones to AIDS. But the Red Ribbons are not enough. The Red Ribbon is only a useful symbol in the long run, when attached to words and deeds that actually make a difference.

We at Antioch can help you. Please let us. Call 202-399-8118 for more information.

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