Antioch Baptist Church of Deanwood
Audio - Visual Ministry

Contact Person:  Daniel Tonkins, Jr.

“And there are differences of administrations, but the same Lord.” - I Corinthians 12:5

The Audio Ministry began in 1985 to provide tapes of services and events to the congregation as well as the sick and shut-in.

The purpose of the Audio Ministry is to record events and activities of the church. The responsibilities of this Ministry include:
  • provide amplified sound to an intelligible level;
  • increase dynamic range while restoring its natural quality;
  • improve tonal quality;
  • distribute audio throughout the church;
  • maintain musicians output levels so they may blend in with choirs;
  • provide effects;
  • play recordings; and
  • record all services.
The goals of the Audio Ministry are:

  • to have audio means to glorify God and His Word; and
  • to keep copies of recorded sermons.
The objectives of the Audio Ministry are:
  • to record events and activities; and
  • to provide tapes for the sick and shut-in.
Tapes are provided for all services and generally available for purchase following each service. If an individual would like to request a copy of the service, he or she may fill out a request for tape form. The form should include service date, speaker, mailing address, and phone number. The Audio Visual Ministry or the church office will provide current cost for each tape.

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